We Came In Peace (Alien survival-horror solo RPG)

We Came In Peace is solo roleplaying game focused on an alien who came bring Unity, but found a nightmare world of Splinters. A weird fiction survival-horror roleplaying game where you struggle to rebuild yourself while holding onto your true self. The sickness of this world corrupts you, even as you are restored.

Survive this terror planet and warn yourself of the danger! 

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Uses a complete unified build of the Motif Game Framework, featuring the Motif Story Engine (solo RPG toolkit) and the Motif Action Engine (quickplay RPG system). The main rolls only use three standard six-sided dice. It produces interesting answers and rich results without complex charts to reference. A player facing system where only players roll, with NPCs and circumstances having consequences for player character failure.

Supports duo play and solo roleplaying! You can easily run a one-player, one-GM game. However, We Came In Peace includes the main tools you need to play alone. Face the monstrous things of humanity and the many other bizarre Splinters of this wretched world!

Contact your main self or escape this unfathomable hell before it claims you! Enjoy a fast-paced, narrative-focused, free-flowing style as you struggle to survive, heal, and avoid the horrors Corruption.

Key Features

  • Motif Story Engine based 3d6 system, simple yet deep
  • Player-facing resolution; only players roll
  • Restoration, tracking your healing process
  • Disconnect, measuring how difficult your natural abilities are
  • Corruption, detailing your fall toward becoming a Splinter
  • Rules and guidance for building NPCs and NPC actions
  • Midnight Clock, tracking how close humans are to bringing overwhelming force
  • Sympathizer rules for gaining and using them
  • End game conditions and outcomes.

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