Arctic Maps

Here are 10 plain arctic maps.  Purposely minimal for wide open encounters and maximum versatility.  I also included 10 additional bonus maps I was not satisfied with but thought maybe someone could use them anyway.

Dimensions are:

2304px x 1536px
64 dpi
24×36 square grid

I’ve included JPG files and dd2vtt files if your Virtual TableTop can read that format (Such as Foundry, and I think an addon does it for Roll20)

The thumbnails on this page do not do the images justice, please look at the pdf preview for more detail.

Just so there is no confusion about what you get, here they are (hover mouse for a description):

Icy River Snow At Edge of Ocean Snowy Ground Snowy Forest with Road
Snowy Forest Floating Ice Snowy Crevasse Icy Snow
Cracking Ice Breaking Ice Just Ice Just Snow
Dirty Snow Snowy Ice Just Ice Scratched Just Snow 2
Snowy Grass Snow Dusted Rocks Dirty Snow Snowy Cobblestone

The maps go great with arctic or icy adventures, such as Entombed and Mystery of the White Worm

Entombed Mystery of the White Worm

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.49


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