FEAR the DARK – HeroQuest fanzine – issue 2


You ventured into the nest of goblins and orcs, you braved the lair of the infamous Uruk and received the gratitude of the Merchants’ Guild and their gold coins. Your company grew stronger, and you learned to explore and to fight together, overcoming the war bands of green-skinned monsters.

Then you faced horrors like never before: animated corpses in form of skeletons or zombies, and even mummies crawling slowly but inesorably towards you, animated by pure evil and the desire for human flesh.

Treasure after treasure, dungeon after dungon, your reputation grew beyond the little towns of this remote province, and even in the Free Cities they heard of you: the strong barbarian who frightens even the orcs, the powerful dwarf master of traps, the smart elf armed with sword and magic, and the great wizard with a useful spell always ready.

The Free Cities Council has asked you to investigate the works of the emissaries of Chaos; too many of them have appeared in this land. They use orcs and goblins, sometimes fimirs too, to bring destruction to the human land and to plunder. But especially they work to keep the humans busy with minor struggles… while the Chaos warriors work on their terrible plans, whatever they may be, and the Chaos sorcerers violate the threshold between life and death. Be ready, for you may cross that threshold too!

FEAR the Dark is a fanzine dedicated to HeroQuest – the popular fantasy board game of the 90s which introduced so many of us to dungeon crawling and miniatures.
This is going to be a complete reboot of the game’s background and story. It will remain faithful to the original material but it aims to bring a different feeling to it, so that there will be no overlapping with the stories of Mentor, Morcar and Zargon. Moreover, the ‘zine will contain new quests which can be played by any group of players. Old players will find new maps and new missions, and new players will be allowed to start from zero.
Everything presented in this fanzine is written to be played starting with issue number one, and will slowly expand beyond the original box and miniatures. It will also attempt to provide a modular system; it keeps the traditional rules and will progressively add little, indipendent pieces to them. You will be able to use all those rules, or just some of them.

Issue number 2 – November 2020:

– A short introduction

– A usable summary of the traditional rules

– Three new quests adventuring into the realm of the Undead

– A bonus fourth quest adventuring deeper below

– A simple new rule for double doors

This product is produced by DaimonGames and is priced at $1.00


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