Fuchsin: An exploration of the forest-dwelling Gnoll


From the corner of your eye, just below the broken table, a green publication catches your eye. You pick it up and read the cover:

A worthwhile exploration into the various subspecies of Gnoll with their diverse cultural and societal expressions.
A focussed excerpt on the forest dwelling Gnoll known as:


part one of four supplements to expand the lore and versatility of the Gnoll race in your TTRPG fantasy setting. All research has been compiled by Sir. Comté de Favonian with sources stretching back many centuries, within the confines of the purge of most knowledge pre-Amelioration. 
This publication is completely system agnostic and solely meant to flavor and spark the imagination of the GM. Feel free to rip, steal, tweak, saw or mutilate the content in any way you see fit.

Much love. Bas de Geus / Ad Nauseam Press