Manual of Martial Might

In a world of ferocious dragons which breathe the elements, world-bending liches that defy death, and dimension-conquering psionic aberrations, it is easy to forget about the heroes who would combat them with weapon and raw physical power alone. However, as any practitioner of martial combat knows, with the right amounts of talent, time, training, planning, and luck, even a humble farmer could topple an entire kingdom…

What To Expect
In this book, you will find options that help make the Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, and Rogue classes–the martial classes of fist, armor, and weapon–even more interesting, fill a greater variety of roles, and, optionally, come a bit closer to competing with spellcasters in complexity.

This Book Includes:
* 7 New Fighter Fighting Styles
* 22 new Battle Master Maneuvers
* 8 New Martial Weapons
* Over 150 Ideas for Reflavoring Classes
* Over 100 Ideas for Reflavoring Weapons
* Over 40 Ideas for Reflavoring Shields
* Rules for increasing the variety and complexity of characters in a martial-based campaign.
* Rules for making critical hits more interactive
* Suggestions for improving existing features and subclasses

Months of thought and research went into this project to find unique, interesting, and real-world inspired ways of increasing the fun for martial characters, to help them from feeling like they were building the same character over and over again, and taking the same actions in combat over and over again. However, the creator does not claim to be a historical, anthropological, or metallurgical expert, thus if there are any discreprencies found within the flavor sections, please kindly inform them!

If you found this product interesting, please feel free to check out my other stuff! Much of it is outdated by this point, but they are also all free or PWYW, so there’s no harm in checking them out!

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $3.00


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