Night at the Mausoleum

BattleSauce, a rules light awesomesauce RPBG.  None of the fat, all of the flavor.  Full length adventures, or Meals as we like to call them – keeping with the whole food related theme here – feed your tastes for adventure, story, and well, battling. So grab the FREE BATTLESAUCE RULEBOOK, read it over – don’t worry, no TLDR sections – create an awesome character or two and then jump into the No Kings era to get medieval on monsters of all kinds.

Night at the Mausoleum

Written and Illustrated by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, Evil, The Strange Bestiary, The Ninth World Bestiary, Henshin! A Sentai RPG: Worlds Collide)

Farmers in the middle realm have seen a lot of strange, and yes, gross stuff. But this time it might be too much.  Find out what’s grosser than gross in the small town of Barot, climb the perilous peaks of the Thirsty Maw, and spend a night in the Mausoleum – if you’re not afraid. And if you are, bring a friend.

Night At the Mausoleum was originally my first full length meal when I launched BattleSauce in October of 2019.  As a one year celebration, I updated the layout, refreshed the writing, added new art, and revised all the maps and present it here for free!  Share with your friends, battle your enemies, or play it with the family.  Lots of options there.

Not ready for a meal?  Try a Snack and chow down on some BattleSauce bite-sized adventures – perfect for learning the not-too-many rules – and available wherever BattleSauce battles are sold.  HINT: DriveThru and my website have a bunch of free ones too.

Some say nothing in life is free, well this is and it’s just for y’all!

  • 34 Pages of new stories and art along with a little game mechanic spice sprinkled on top!
  • 4 Shiny, new, and spooky full color maps of terror!
  • 4 New characters – with one or two ready to be brought back from the dead.
  • A vine covered monster who’s none too happy to have you in his place of residence.
  • A hammer that only the worthy…dang it, did it again.  An awesome hammer that’s yours for the taking…if you can find it.
  • Uncharted maps to add as much terror as you wish to your players!

Night at the Mausoleum is written in a special format referred to by the BattleSauce Brigade as Recipes! Recipes give the Game Master (no clever food names here, but give me time) all the information they need to create a hearty tale to satiate your player’s palate for relentless adventuring. 

A teensy, tiny note about maps: Feel free to add as much flavor to my maps as you want! I add little details which seasoned GMs (food pun!) can use to add a little spice (oops I did it again!) to their games.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that. For now.  

Characters for BattleSauce games Lair of the Dead Eaters BattleSauce game map

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