Phil’s Fantasy Game Adventurer’s Guide

If you are looking for adventure…

Look no further! This is the first supplement for Phil’s Fantasy Game™.  Phil’s Fantasy Game™ is the game system that allows players and Game Masters to concentrate on fun and imagination without worrying about game mechanics.

This new supplement provides a glimpse into a pre-existing fantasy world that a player and Game Master can use in their first adventure.  It includes game stats for races and creatures that may be encountered. It also includes maps of the area. Finally, there is a brief history on the religion of the area for those who are interested in playing cleric/priest characters.

We hope you enjoy this Adventurer’s Guide supplement to Phil’s Fantasy Game™.

We encourage feedback and suggestions.  We want to collaborate with players and game runners to create a fun and engaging roleplaying game system.

The proceeds from the purchase of this game go to support the Philip Rochat Establishment for Support & Therapy of Illness using Games & Entertainment dba PRESTIGE.

The Philip Rochat Establishment for Support & Therapy of Illness using Games & Entertainment dba PRESTIGE was established to support people who are struggling with illness by providing them with an avenue for creativity, social interaction, and stress relief through games and entertainment.  We do not want people to suffer with illness, we want people to thrive. Our objective is that people share positive experiences with others who may be experiencing similar health struggles through gaming. Our goal is to use games and entertainment as vehicles for engagement, encouragement, and support to people who have illness or who are affected by illness.  We are hoping to improve overall outlook and decrease anxiety and stress.  Please consider helping our non-profit in reaching this goal.

This product is produced by PRESTIGE and is priced at $10.00


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