Slaughter in the Death Dimension

An Adventure for Mage the Ascension

Somewhere beyond reality lies a nightmare realm where ancient wretches writhe in senile decay and plot the doom of worlds.

Old beyond reckoning, vile beyond any reasonable definition of the word, the Ordo Omega hunch in their rotting chantry and mutter black prayers through withered lips, to what cruel gods no sane man dares contemplate.

Perhaps someone ought to kill them. Perhaps it should be you.

Who knows what treasures you might loot from their hoard or what ghastly schemes you might avert? But before you kill them, you would first have to find them. And avoid being killed by them, we might add. Or worse than killed. Or for that matter, much, much worse…

Slaughter in the Death Dimension is one part adventure and one part location setting.  It contains a comprehensive and deeply unpleasant guide to a Horizon Realm that few Mages would enjoy visiting; the nameless boneyard realm of dust and silence where the Ordo Omage make their home.  It includes four seperate plots to get different kinds of player cabals to enter that dreary domain.

It’s also stuffed full of maps, illustrations and of course–revolting old necromancers!  Thirteen of them, to be specific, each one ghastly in their own unique way.  For the Ordo Omega are the kind of Mages who give darkness a bad name.

We also have a sweet little child to rescue, a creepy mansion to explore and no less than three sinister schemes for the players’ cabal to foil.

Are you brave enough to walk the moldering halls of the Death-Dimension and face what awaits you there?

This product is produced by White Wolf and is priced at $4.95


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