Star Battles: Meteor Ring Space Battle Map (VTT)

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A planet’s ring isn’t solid but millions of objects. The only question is: are those objects specs of dust and tiny pebbles or are they sizable meteoroids and asteroids in their own rights. Have a space battle where the characters have to dodge the ring asteroids as well as enemy fire. Add the exact map you want to your space fights. Star Battles: Meteor Ring Space Battle Map is the backdrop you need for your game to inspire your gamers.

What You Get

You get a single map measuring 2030 x 1470 pixels in JPG format. This beautiful map is perfect for any roleplaying game including Starfinder, Traveller, Stars Without Numbers, and many, many others. The image can be added to any virtual tabletop including Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Map Tool, d20Pro, Astral, and more.

Star Battles: Meteor Ring Space Battle Map (VTT)

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