“Whoever comes, whoever it is… I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them all.”
-John Wick

vs. ASSASSINS is a small roleplaying game about undertaking a perilous journey of bloody revenge through a world of assassins, heavily inspired by the John Wick movie franchIse. You’ll need one other player, a deck of playing cards for each of you, some pencils (to write with), paper, and about three hours.

You are a Killer. Someone did you wrong. You won’t stop. 
You can’t stop.

vs. ASSASSINS is a complete game, suitable for a single game session or for an extended campaign. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Rules for creating a Killer.
  • A fast-playing game system based on Philip J. Reed’s vs. Monsters.
  • Many people who will die, trying to stop you.

Also in this package: vs. SPY, a gameplay modification about espionage and betrayal. This mode is good for 3-4 other players, each with identical standard decks of playing cards. You are an agent of a secretive intelligence agency. You are told your fellow agents can be trusted; you can trust Control. You are smarter than that..

vs. ASSASSINS contains the game and variant in US Letter format (four pages).

This is a remix of the standalone vs. SPY game. If you have that, you don’t need this. 

This product is produced by Denagh Design and is priced at $4.00


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