Akkadian Rhythms: Combat & Equipment Handout

The world as you know it has been warped and twisted. The Greeks never rose, the Romans never conquered. Ancient magic and mysterious forces rule the world, giving the Akkadian empire the fertile soil to stand strong through time. As time crawls forward, more wonderous powers are released with every passing epoch. The thirst for magic of the people unleashes strange and wonderous sights onto the world.

Now the world has reached a dark age. The Akkadian realm becomes weak to the spirit plane. The dead escape the nether. The deities of ancient legend stay locked in their heavens. Mysterious forces gain a life of their own and reign over the people. It is a time for adventure.

Battle through dangers that emerge in Akkadian Rhythms with the Combat & Equipment handout. This guide teaches players and Game Masters how to resolve combat, resolve skills, use equipment, and use mechanics to drive story together.

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