Auspicious Attunements: Origins of Stone – The Gargoyle

Attune-A-Wizard Press presents: Auspicious Attunements: Origins of Stone – The Gargoyle!¬†Attune yourself to wings of stone! This third-party supplement for Pathfinder Second Edition presents rules for playing a gargoyle PC, complete with new backgrounds, heritages, ancestry feats, and the gargoyle’s signature ability: Impersonate Stone.¬†

Balanced off of the new content released for Pathfinder Second Edition in 2020, the gargoyle ancestry presented here has ancestry feats spanning from levels 1 to 17, and makes an excellent option for any PC looking to reach new heights or hide in plain sight.

Entries in the Auspicious Attunements series contain themed content. As the first product in the Origins series, Origins of Stone sets the tone for adding depth to the ancestry portion of any Pathfinder Second Edition character. Designed to fit easily into any campaign, these origins work fantastically as stand-alone options or threads woven deeply into the story you set out to tell.

This product is produced by Attune-A-Wizard Press and is priced at $2.25


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