By Dawn’s Early Light (5e)

It is midsummer, and the remote mountain village of Ilgaardd is preparing to throw an epic celebration to honor the year anniversary of its independence from the tyrannical rule of Killoran “the Red.” While most of the villagers are happy with the new leadership and are excited about the prospect of hosting a major event, droves of raucous outsiders, bitter loyalists, and an unprecedented heat wave are causing tensions to mount. You have been hired by the local sheriff to keep the peace. While there, you must contend with rowdy villagers at each other’s throats and a towering force on the cusp of raising its haunted form high above the Village Green!

Inspired by (dangerous!) early American traditions of lighting bonfires to celebrate Independence Day, the characters are the only hope that Illgaardd will remain standing by dawn’s early light.

This product is produced by Frog God Games and is priced at $9.99


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