Deathmorgue – Shields of Power

In the pantheon of the Gods of the Living World he is deemed a minor god. But in the minds of men he is one of the most feared. His presence is very unwelcome outside his own realm. The call of Death haunts the living and few receive it gladly. But now it seems Thanatos has tired of his realm of darkness and come forth to dwell in the world of light to plague the waking minds of mortals and cause their dreams to be filled with his eternal presence. In the town of Brachen on the Schwartzenwald, the people whisper of his dread presence within the walls of an old estate. The grim joke is that this estate used to be the town’s morgue. Of those who worked there and those who have entered – none have returned. The terror of the town is palpable. The fear in the air, unrelenting.

A reward has been offered and a challenge set.

Do you take it – with the promise of wealth untold – or no?


For those of you who want to go old school, this is a great exxample of a good, old fachioned dungeon crawl with monsters, traps, puzzles, treasure and more. Enter the walls of Deathmorgue and pray you come out alive!

This product is produced by D A Nichols, Shields of Power and is priced at $4.50


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