Do you remember the “haunted house” in the neighborhood where you grew up? The tangly weeds of its negleted yard? The way its rotten porch gaped like a mouth of blackened teeth? The scaley dishovelment of its siding? How long when passing would you stare through its windows, driven to catch a glimpse inside -yet terrified of what you might see? Haunted houses play a seminal part of growing up in small-town America. This adventure follows a club of adolescent misfits as they explore a haunted house.  -Ya’ don’t REALLY believe in GHOSTS -do ya’?

Haunt-House is part of a “Triple-Dog-Dare” for the upcoming RPG game “The Dare-Luck Club.”   It is a collection of 3 adventures themed around an exquisite map of an abandoned Victorian manor.  Search for Old Man Grendalbach’s fortunes in, “House of Grendalbach.”  When a inquisitive youth disappears, your club comes to the rescue in, “Timmy’s Missing.”  -And finally, help the new girl wage war against the hellspawned creatures that plague the house she just moved into in, “The Grendalbach Gremlins.”
    This book also contains “Quickstart Rules” that will teach you to play a Dare-Luck Club game using one of the 6 pregenerated characters provided here in.
    So, come on, Dare-Luckers!  Grab a flashlight, a couple cans of Fizzy-Gulp, and your mom’s silver letter opener (hey, ya’ never know!) -THERE’S ‘SPOLRING TO DO!

This product is produced by Dandyline Games and is priced at $7.00


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