Heroes of Doom and Destiny

Ebethan Game Designs is pleased to present: Heroes of Doom and Destiny! Featuring four new character class archetypes for Dungeons & Dragons 5e:

Call on the strength of powerful spirits as the Diviner archetype for the Ranger class: wield spectral flame and unique abilities granted through communion with the beyond. Take care not to lose yourself to the voices beyond the veil.

Seek for meaning in the heavens as the Starwatcher archetype for the Fighter class. Invoke the power of one of Eight different stars. Let your fate (and your abilities) change in the course of your journey, or commit the path the stars have lit for you.

Push your luck with the chance-manipulating Cursemonger origin for Sorcerers. Inflect ill-fortune on your enemies and watch them crumble. But take care that your powers do not run astray, or you may suffer the same fate.

Raise your voice with the Bardic College of the Choir! Steal your enemies strength and renew your comrades’ vigor with the power of song in this defense-oriented Bard option. Let the strength of your will put a shield on yourself and your allies.

These four class archetypes reflect on the nature of fate, what determines it, and what comes after. Will you and your compatriots accept the path that fate has laid out for your you, or will you set alight the tapestry of time and become Heroes of Doom and Destiny!

This product is produced by Ebethan Game Designs and is priced at $0.99


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