MAPS 2: Places of Legend

Useable with any role-playing system, this book contains maps of 16 legendary locations which can be used anywhere in your campaign. Each Place of Legend is fully mapped, with major points of interest & the background of the city and its people described. Adventure ideas for gaming are also included in this newly expanded 103 page book.

A wide variety of Legendary Places are described in MAPS 2 including The Land Of Oz, Atlantis, Mount Olympus, Camelot, Asgard, King Soloman’s Mine, Volcana the Island Base of Captain Nemo, The Nautilus, The 13th Floor, and many other Legendary Places of different sizes and types in a variety locations. Like any Catalyst Series Game Aid, MAPS 2 works well with any fantasy oriented role-playing campaign or system, giving you just what you need to run great overland adventures in well-known places of Legend.

This remastered and updated version also includes a brand new full-color section that adds the City of the Gods and its surrounding Realms, which allow you to place locations from Both Maps 1 and Maps 2 into a grander campaign setting! All the maps have been digitally toned and enhanced maps throughout the book along with some new art!

Written by Debora Kerr, James Walker, Steve Crompton, & Brian Bullock with maps, layout and additional illos by Steve Crompton. Complete your Maps book collection with this best book in the series!

This product is produced by Flying Buffalo and is priced at $6.75


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