MyMiniFactory redemption codes & SYNC

This material was posted on patreon by Lion Tower Miniatures – The Adventurers Guild

I’ll continue to post both Sync and Onedrive links each month in addition for immediate access and the MMF redemption codes will be sent out after the month ends and I’ve got the full count of all patrons.

I’ve loaded user groups so far back to March 2020 and will be going back to August 2019 eventually.  

I’ve just sent out redemption invitations for all eligible patrons in August and September to obtain the files for the Level Up Artificers and Paladins.  If you’ve got them ok and have managed to redeem them I’d appreciate it if you can drop a comment below so I know the system works as intended.  

I’ll send out the October minis as soon as I have the Rangers finished – the Veteran rangers just need posing and I’ve got about 50% of the Epic Ranger design complete too so they should be up soon.  October and November packs will include the Rokabo Knights just as an FYI, but though they wont be available for general purchase as public entries you should still be able to add them to your MMF library

A quick sneak peak at the Veteran ranger design for you too – the blob around his neck will become a billowing scarf in the posed sculpt in case you wonder what it actually is!

Thanks all, and happy printing!



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