October 2020 Pack: Newsletter

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Each month I will include a newsletter that will have all your links to rewards and of course the Rewards Web Portal on the GMD Online Website.

What will it include?

  • Reward links
  • Poll Links
  • Links to Welcome messages
  • Overview of the month’s discussions
  • What to look forward to next month
  • Etc…

Like my Patreon site, it will evolve over the next few months as we find a preferred layout for it and regular topics. (Feel free to leave suggestions for topics in the comments below!)

October Monthly Reward Pack

Here is your October’s Monthly Rewards Pack. a way for me to say thank you for supporting me throughout the month!

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Thank you!

As you know I work hard every day all day to produce gaming accessories. This month has been especially busy with not only the Fulfilment of the first Comic Kickstarter but also my wedding and honeymoon. On top of that, I have had to complete my tax forms online.

In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to show how we are developing over the year financially and how your support is affecting us. Although the model below shows us in deficit in our first year of trading. I would like to thank you all for your support as it has helped hugely with setting up costs and mitigated further deficits.

So what is in this months Pack?

We have:

  • A colossal Sixteen! all-new ArtCards
  • Four Tokens
  • CORE RPG Rules one Sheet: Advanced Rule – Power Stunt
  • CORE RPG Rules one Sheet: Perk – Back To Back
  • The final Five pages of the StarGuard Player Driven Comic The Vanishing Issue #1
  • All new unlocked Encounter Card – Demonic Hound
  • Editable Encounter Card PDF
  • CORE RPG GM Screen Inserts / Reference Sheets

These can all be downloaded for FREE from the GMD Online Rewards Web Portal


  • Click on the Rewards Button to find this month & Previous Rewards.
  • Don’t forget to claim your FREE Printed versions too!

Unlocked this month!

I cannot believe we managed to unlock the Monthly Encounters! You can read all about the unlocking and what it means here: Click Me 

Want more?

Check out our next two Goals! See what extra will be made for you if you sign up today!

$14 (£10) to go to reach GOAL: FREE CORE RPG Race Card!

  • Once this goal is unlocked, I will create a CORE RPG Race Card, once a month! Chosen by the Patreon Investors by way of polls.
  • I will then supply the Full Colour, Fully Illustrated, Card for FREE to all GMD Online Patreon Investors Tier Depending (See Below)
  • This will be supplied both digitally and as a printed product.
  • Each month will see a new Race created for use with the CORE RPG!

Check out the LoR Race Post to have a look at the races that you could be receiving by Clicking Here. Or the Starfall Post about the Starfall Races by Clicking Here and complete the poll to which Race you’d be interested in seeing first!

$34 (£27) to go to reach GOAL: FREE Adventure

  • A Full-Colour Adventure chosen by Patreons in way of a poll.
  • Complete with Figure Flats for Table Top Use
  • Colour Maps
  • Tokens for Online Use or Table Top Use.
  • Fully Illustrated.

Imagine November’s Pack could be having a new Race and a new adventure starting to be developed for free! Please share and if possible upgrade!

All new Development!

We have been hard at work with the development of our Products especially LoR & Wayfar.

As well as the discussion about LoR Races mentioned above I started a post allowing members to obtain information about the up and coming new CORE World. Get involved now by Clicking Here.

But that is not all… 

Did you miss out on the latest news and the poll regarding the cover? Then check out the post by Clicking Here.

I also announced the 2021 development plan which you can read by Clicking Here.  be great to hear what you think! If there is something you are wanting to see or learn more about, then let me know by commenting on the post. 

Also, did you see the Live from Corfu Announcements I made whilst away on my Honeymoon? If not you can read about it in this post by Clicking Here.

Art Cards

As you are aware I immortalise characters from the CORE RPG games and from within the books or those who will appear in the up and coming CORE WORLDS/Comics, by way of Collectable Art Cards. The range is expanding rapidly. You have a chance to pick them up cheap and before they disappear and are no longer available. 

The latest members of the StarGuard have been included this month to complete the basic set. There are still more to come! These have been completed due to the end of the StarGuard Kickstarter and are rewards to be sent out to qualifying backers. 

I have also added the heroes and villains from the GM Screen Insert to the Art Card range. You can read more about them and who they are by Clicking Here. Also an intro to CORE WORLD G.A.U.


Thanks to our latest members we have managed to unlock Encounters and you can read more about what this means by Clicking Here 


Development of the Vehicles & Mount’s Guide is still in progress and a playtesting campaign has been set up. Why not get involved and join the playtest now! Check it out here: https://www.gmdonline.co.uk/rsvpmaker/wildcards-core-vm-campaign/

I shared some insight into customising your vehicles which you are able to read by Clicking Here. 

The StarGuard Kickstarter has finally come to an end and Fulfilment will begin soon! The comic is currently being edited prior to starting the printing process. It is a huge relief to see the actual project completed. Saying that I cannot wait for Issue #2. There will be chances for you to create a character and get involved in the story. Watch this space!

I did announce the next Kickstarter being organised… Read the post now by Clicking Here! 


The Complicated Business Playtest is going well, thoroughly enjoying it! We have just started a pursuit which proved to be exciting. Even so that I forgot to take screenshots again! Bah!  I will try to get some for you next month… I so should have gone live with it!

We are about to start our first game of Star Wars to playtest the Vehicles & Mounts Guide. There are a couple of space if you would like to take part. Get involved by signing up here!

Also, I will be running this Patreon only game… The Boys:

Why not sign up today to enjoy some CORE RPG gaming action run by the creator! Sign Up Here. 

Did you take part in the CORE RPG Poll? If not it is not too late… Check it out by Clicking Here 

That is not the only Poll!

Have a say about a special bonus for December’s Monthly Reward Pack! By Cicking Here 

Before we sign off for the month can we all please say welcome to our latest member of the GMD Online Patreon Family!

Rocky, Puxhe, Joseph & Dylon!

Please take a few seconds to welcome them in the links on their names above. 

So here is looking forward to November’s Pack! which will include some bonus Combat rules which can be previewed here! Along with a new Perk, Encounter perhaps a Race preview, Some art cards and Tokens! 

None of this would be possible without your support! Thank you for believing in me and making it all worth doing.

You are all awesome…

GM Draeus


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