Something In Common – Existing relationships between characters

Many adventures begin with strangers in a tavern joining together to embark upon a quest, bound together only by happenstance and a love for adventure. Do they need to be total strangers though or could they all have something in common besides a lust for adventure?

Something In Common is a collection of rollable tables that are designed to add some light bonds and social connections to a party to tie them together as a group without getting in the way of them learning about one another through the adventure. These connections should make each member of the party at least acquaintances of a few other party members and everyone else will be just “a friend of a friend”. The connections listed here are meant to be minor and should not significantly affect your character’s backstory (unless you want them to). They are also designed to not be antagonistic. Some may not be a completely positive experience for both characters and cause some friction, but they shouldn’t make them hate each other before the adventure even begins. The end result should be a party where every member has met at least two of their fellow adventurers before and possibly heard of the others, but none of them know each other particularly well, allowing secrets to be kept and  relationships grow over the course of the adventure.

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