The Lair of the Horseman

“Long ago a great and noble Paladin by the name of Sir Valdis The Holy fought bravely to rid the land of crime and evil and those who would threaten peace. As the years went on the burden of Sir Valdis’s crusade began to weigh on him and his tolerance for misdeeds became lower and lower until he began to punish offenders for the lightest of crimes and executing them in the name of the light. The divine order did not stand behind Sir Valdis and banished him from the order. However, this did not stop him from continuing his most holiest of missions, and it was then that Sir Valdis The Holy set out, A wave of death and despair came over the land as he made his way across the kingdom punishing those who strayed from the light, his twisted mission became that of purging the land of all who would oppose him and his “Divine Judgement” The sound of beating hooves and the glint of his massive sword in the moonlight was the last anyone would see as their heads went flying from their bodies.

Sir Valdis The Holy was no more, and in his place rose “The Horseman” Great Kings across the land united and put a bounty on The Horseman and before long the hunter became the hunted. In a valiant effort The Horseman was at last cornered and defeated and brought before the chopping block in chains. As everyone gathered to see this once great hero get what he deserved he roared into laughter and vowed nothing would stop his noble crusade and in the end he would purge them all. In a swift motion, the laughter stopped as his head rolled onto the ground, a terrifying smile still etched upon it. Not long after that, The Horsemans grave was found disturbed and his body removed from its resting place. Peace returned to the kingdom for a time and legends of The Horseman began to slowly fade away, However on the anniversery of his death It is said Laughter can be heard echoing on the wind and those who would commit misdeeds need beware their heads or fall victim to The Horsemans Judgement. The four of you have made a name for yourselves in the last few years as adventurers, As such you were approached by the same man, a great historian by the name of Wilhelm who says he has found the supposed location of The Horseman’s lair, it was here he was rumored to torture his prisoners as well as keep his vast wealth stored away. Wilhelm being a man of science does not believe in the legend as a whole but regardless has found something and it should be investigated. You have been hired to find this lair and bring back any artifacts or gold you can carry as well as rid it of any monsters that may of made their home there. Theres nothing to worry about as long as you dont believe the legend of The Horseman, right?”

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