5 Adventures in 10 Pages: Local Heroics (Levels 1-5)

5 Adventures in 10 Pages: Local Heroics is a collection of 5 short adventures for GMs! Each adventure is laid out simply with any maps required and a concise, 1-page description of everything you need to know to run. Designed to be ideal for one-shots or filling in the gaps of a longer campaign, these adventures can be run with minimal time-investment for GM preparation.

Contains a 12-Page PDF and high-res color versions of all maps fit for Virtual Tabletop play.

Adventures Inside:

  • Lady Bouchard’s Hedgerow (Level 1): Noble estate seeking experienced gardeners/adventurers.
  • The Boiling Well (Level  2): The village well has been belching sulphureous gas for days.
  • Waypoint Abbey (Level  3): I’m starting to think this abbot is a real jerk.
  • Jueyuan Canopy Village (Level 4): A new type of demon is engaged in a classic kidnapping.
  • Icespring Precipice (Level 5): We’re rich! Too bad the treasure’s at the bottom of the lake.

This product is produced by River Octopus Games and is priced at $2.00


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