Adventure Shorts, Volume 7 (5e)

Adventure Shorts Volume Seven is series of five encounters, written for the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Each can be played as a stand-alone encounter or easily dropped into an existing adventure or campaign. 

As in previous volumes, we’re providing balanced encounters and treasure for a party of five characters of levels one, three, or five. And this time the encounters include a few special magic items of our own design for your Fifth Edition players. Also included are printer-friendly maps that can be used to set up your own player grids. The encounter titles and descriptions are as follows:

1. Old Mischief – An old druid’s cottage, and its secrets, have been left alone, concealed in the woods for a very long time. 
2. The Deep Dark Woods – The border between the Material Plane and the Feywild is very thin in this section of woods.
3. Dangling by a Thread – A few spider webs here and there lead to a few more and then…
4. Broken Sign – A sign is there to tell which way to go, but there’s something amiss about this sign and where it’s pointing.
5. Distress – Two pixies are in a panic. What could have made them so upset?

We’re excited to share these new encounters and magic items with you and your players.

Happy Adventuring! 

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