Adventures on a single page

These adventures were written and illustrated by Jan Van Houten, edited and laid out by Nicolas Folliot. They are compatible with your favorite TTRPG, but if you want to take the opportunity to discover a new one, there’s Sodalitas, a tiny tabletop roleplaying game to play for an hour or so with too many young players.


6 adventures to start…

Previews of the first 6 adventures


+ 2D6 adventures & bonuses

The first 6 adventures are only the beginning of the series, because the continuation is planned:

  • Random bonus additions, adventures and/or game aids, under the inspiration and pencil of Jan Van Houten;
  • 6 new adventures illustrated by guests from a wide variety of styles and backgrounds: Élodie Shanta, Evlyn Moreau, François Maumont, Guy Pradel, Helkarava and Sax la Bagarre.

6 illustrators names and 6 adventures ideas

The more successful the adventure series is, the more new episodes it generates! We have to pay the drawing experts we want to invite to highlight the scenarios imagined by Jan Van Houten, so we offer a progressive financing system that encourages the early fans:

  • One of the 6 adventures illustrated by a guest appears each time we reach a new €200 level of profits. How is this level calculated? By adding French + English sales + Adventures on a single page & Sodalitas bundle;
  • The collection price starts at €8, and will increase by €1 for each new episode (excluding bonus). This means that the sooner you follow us in the adventures, the less it will have cost you (in the end €8 for a potential series of 12 adventures + 1D6 bonus).
Process of the new adventures and bonuses

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