Angela’s Deific Dictionary


Angela's Deific Dictionary

Angela’s Deific Dictionary is a worldbuilding sourcebook filled with eighteen original OGC-deities.

Follow the notes of Angela, the Fateweaver as she guides you through the deities of the multiverse, learning of their dogma, tenets, champions, faiths, and artifacts.

Each god has extensively documented lore, organisations and history, detailed at length throughout.

Some of the gods that can be found in Angela’s Deific Dictionary include:

– Devial, the Prince of Poison: God of Mercy and Serpents

– Efina, the Outcast: Goddess of Penance and Redemption

– Hali, the Fallen Star: Goddess of Love and the Blades of Grass

– Makone, the Hateful Maelstrom: God of the Sea and Death

– Pellaias & Luone, the Lovers: Goddesses of Earth and Sky

– Scorcha, the Dusk Reveller: Goddess of Arbitrarity and Desire

– Stridas, the Frostwarden: God of Winter and War

– Wysara, the Ink of Dreams: Goddess of Lies and Spite

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“Weighill clearly has a wonderful understanding of the tropes and semiotics of deities, weaving the elements we see in gods of our own plane and history, as well as throughout fiction, with a deft hand to create both the new and familiar with fresh originality. This is such a phenomenally well-thought-out, fascinating and arrestingly written supplement that I simply could put down. I’m positively buzzing with inspiration and know that I will be keeping this close to hand, whether I’m prepping or want to reference deities, mythology, factions or artifacts. Without a shadow of a doubt, Angela’s Deific Dictionary goes straight into my pantheon of the highest quality, most enjoyable and infinitely usable TTRPG supplements of all time.”

– Sebs (@CurseofSebs)

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