Better Backgrounds: A 5e Character Building Alternative

When you make a drow character, you don’t have to make it evil. When you pick your race, that shouldn’t determine how functional your character will be within their class. And while random ability score rolls make for a greater diversity, what your character was born as shouldn’t define their limits.

This book provides alternative character building blocks in the form of revised backgrounds and races for 5e d&d. This book also contains options for revising how you approach the use of feats and alignment as a whole. 

A quick summary of changes includes:

  • ability score increases removed from races
  • ability score increases added to backgrounds
  • backgrounds expanded upon (including several new backgrounds)
  • alignment removed from race
  • Personality notes added to race
  • Adjusted “age” to lifespan
  • Adjusted language attribution among race and background

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $12.00


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