Corefinder Design Digest #3: Other Bonuses

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But you’re not here for the #DadJokes, you’re here to hear more about bonus types in Corefinder! As always, this is version 1.3 of our working draft, so nothing is firmly etched in stone just yet, but here’s our current plan when it comes to what other kinds of bonuses you can add to your base bonuses discussed in CDD (Corefinder Design Digest) #2!


Other Bonuses

While Base Bonuses form the foundation of your character’s statistics and abilities, it is also possible to acquire other types of bonuses from special effects of various types. Other bonuses may be active (meaning they come from some temporary effect or condition) or passive (meaning they are permanent, or at least always functioning while a character is actively adventuring).

Unless otherwise specified, bonuses of the same type cannot be combined. Instead, you simply use the highest bonus of that type available to you. Bonuses of different type can be combined, adding together all that apply; this is called “stacking.”

With very rare exceptions, penalties do not have a type and always stack with other penalties.

The bonus types available in Corefinder are reduced from those in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. If converting material from that system to Corefinder, see below for each bonus type to see which Pathfinder Roleplaying Game bonus types are included.

Circumstance: Bonuses granted because of a specific situation, which may include the assistance of another character, favorable or unfavorable terrain or cover, expert preparation, helpful clues or reference materials, and so on.

Unlike other types of bonuses, circumstance bonuses can stack with other circumstance bonuses, as long as they come from different circumstances. PFRPG bonus: circumstance, cover.

Competence: Bonuses granted by knowledge, skill, training, expertise, and insight. PFRPG bonuses: competence, dodge, insight.

Gear: Bonuses granted by quality of equipment, including extraordinary or supernatural enhancements to it. PFRPG bonuses: armor, enhancement, shield.

Luck: Bonuses granted by good fortune, invisible forces, or the favor of supernatural powers. PFRPG bonuses: deflection, luck, morale, profane, sacred.

Natural: Bonuses granted based on a creature’s biology or physiognomy. PFRPG bonuses: natural armor, racial, resistance.

Optional Rule Idea: Active Bonus Limit: Even with a smaller number of bonus types than the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, you may wish to limit the total amount of floating bonuses available in the game, both to simplify gameplay at the table during combat (with fewer modifiers to track) and to cap the total bonuses available to keep the raw numbers possible to generate at a more modest level. In this case, you can limit active bonuses in the following ways:

If only one active bonus applies, use that bonus.

If two active bonuses could apply, use the highest bonus +1.

If three or more active bonuses could apply, use the highest bonus +2.


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