Dungeon Master’s Stationery

An organized dm is a happy dm.

With Dungeon Master’s Stationery, your game will become a librarian’s dream. Don’t you hate when you can’t find those monster stats when you need them? Wouldn’t you wish to have some helpful, easy-to-use forms to write down the things you need for your game? With this collection of forms you will be able to keep and store notes more effectively, or use them as handouts for your players when they receive a magic item, a mount etc.

They sure helped me a lot in my games, even when playing on the internet – keeping digital notes during a session was always difficult for me. I keep them near my keyboard or behind the DM screen, and never have to worry for unsaved documents or lost pages. I hope that you will find them useful too!

This project contains:

  • 1 brief manual on how to read / use the tables.
  • 1 folder with 12 tables with decoratives.
  • 1 folder with the same 12 tables, without decoratives.
  • 1 folder with 2 grids (square & hex).


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