Earthjumpers – a Troika! Micro-Setting

EARTHJUMPERS is a pamphlet micro-setting designed to be used with the Troika! RPG. In it, you play as a brave Earthjumper, humanity’s last chance at rebuilding Earth, after the devastating cataclysm that shattered it. Visit innumerable alternate versions of Earth, all of them with their own problems, in a race against time to complete your mission and return to your own earth. Will you fight the terrible Jawari, sabotage their unfathomable plans, and gather all the crystallized alternomium to heal your version of Earth? Or will you simply disappear with a loud “pop”, nobody even remembering you existed in the first place?

Within this pamphlet you’ll find:

– A brief setting description

– A new Background for Troika!: the brave but doomed Earthjumper

– A table of reasons why your Earthjumper squad would be sent to a parallel Earth

– 10 possible alternate Earths

– The terrible Jawari. Did anyone say space llamas?

– Possible mission complications

EARTHJUMPERS  is an independent production by Blackoath Entertainment and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

This product is produced by Blackoath Entertainment and is priced at $1.00


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