Family Ancestree

“My name is Xavier Fallowghast, and I am a historian, genealogist and antiquarian of no small renown.

“What you may not know is that I also have certain…..skills….in seeing beyond the veil, to things hidden, shrouded, forgotten.

“You have sought me out, one would imagine, because you have questions about a past unknown to you, or at least cast in shadows, murky, indistinct, just without your reach. You want answers, but have none. You want clarity but do not have the means to bring such things in to focus by oneself.

This book will help you to work out who you are, who your immediate and extended family were and how they lived their life and passed on in to the realm of death.

It can be used as a fun exercise in genealogy for no reason other than to create a small family tree, or it can be used to garner information on a RPG character or NPC’s family history.

Written for the RPGGeek 2020 24hr RPG contest this is my finished work on creating a character’s personal and family history.

This product is produced by White Hare Games and is priced at $1.31


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