Inspired by the famous movie Ghosbusters, here is the quick and easy adventure role-playing game for hunters of ghosts, ectoplasms and all kinds of gods and demons.

The basic rules of Ghost Hunters have been designed to make reading, creating characters and starting a game as quickly as possible. Ghost Hunters can also be played solo by easily assigning characters to their tasks. The rulebook is ultra-simple yet detailed enough to start games immediately. In particular, you will find:
– random tables to determine what happens in each act
– random tables of everyday complications to manage
– a search option to improve your weapons

The booklet is in PocketMod format, so that you only need to fold it to form a mini 8-page booklet in 4.25″ x 2.75″ format from a single sheet of paper.

Wait before you buy! The preview of this book is complete, so you don’t have to support the author if you don’t want to.

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This product is produced by Doppelgänger Publishing and is priced at $0.80


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