Grimtouched – A Fighter Subclass

“We have all heard stories about the horrible marks that magic can leave upon the mortal body. Terrible hexes, horrifying necromantic rituals and wicked spells that grasp and tear – These are only a few of the gruesome things that people whisper about from the safety of their inns, homes and castles.

Some folk though, unfortunate enough to come in contact with such evils, have found themselves capable of adapting to them. They have seen their bodies change under the forces that gripped them, twisting and corrupting their form, yet enabling them to bend and control the obscure magic that sought to destroy them. Such people are often called grimtouched.”

This subclass consists of three possible paths depending on what terrible happening marked the character origins: the Cursed, the Unliving and the Withering, each with its own set of class features that sets them slightly apart from each other.

Available languages: English (Italian coming soon)

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $1.17


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