Harkin’s Slave Pit

Several strangers wake up prisoners in a dungeon, with nothing but breechclothes and a couple of tiny pieces of gear hidden on them, and must fight for suvival in a dungeon full of brutal mercenaries, goblins, madmen, and deadly traps, ruled over by a cruel witch. Can they find an exit before their luck runs out?

Harkin’s Slave Pit is a mid-length adventure for Index Card RPG Core 2e. It is designed to serve as an introduction to new players for both ICRPG and Old-School Renaissance style play.

  • While built as a one-shot, it is easily tuned to be the first adventure of a larger campaign, and provides the GM with multiple hooks for future adventures.
  • Gradually increasing difficulty as players become used to the game engine.
  • Non-linear dungeon with numerous possible routes to explore.
  • All encounters built using the Three Ts system to ensure fast-paced, timed encounters that reward Player-Characters with opportunities to get the upper hand on the enemy and look good doing it!

This product is produced by Deathtrap Games and is priced at $1.50


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