Kedamono Dragon’s Mundane Magic Items II

Welcome to my shop! Got lost in the winding streets of the town? Turned a corner and there was my shop? Ah, a common occurence amongst my clientele. I am the Kedamono Dragon, and this is my shop of Mundane Magic Items! 

Today we are featuring our collection of magical entertainment items! From magic puppet shows to magical, living paintings you can enter!

So come in and look around, you will always find something, that’s why you came into my shop…

The Kedamono Dragon’s Mundane Magic Items is a collection of magical items that can be used to entertain, seek information, or even provide a safe haven for the weary adventurer. Second in the series of mundane magic items, please check out our first one, Kedamono Dragon’s Mundane Magic Items!

This product is produced by Pinnacle Entertainment and is priced at $1.50


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