Life of Moonson, Book One: The Characters


Reaching Moon Megacorp’s Life of Moonson, Book One: The Characters contains fifty illustrated character sheets from the freeform live-action role-playing game (LARP) run at North American, British and Australian Gloranthan Conventions in the late nineties.

Take part in the Lunar New Year Ceremonies! Marvel at the glory and decadence of the  Imperial Court! Witness the majesty of the Senate, the might of the Red Army, and the sinister machinations of the organs of state…

Written by David Hall, Kevin Jacklin, Nick Brooke & Chris Gidlow, with Michael O’Brien & Mike Hagen. Lavishly illustrated by Dario Corallo, with cartography by Phil Anderson.

The first edition of A Rough Guide to Glamour was presented to all freeform players as background information. A new, revised and expanded edition is available from the Jonstown Compendium in hardcover and digital formats, and is an ideal companion to this volume. Two articles written primarily to support the freeform which were cut from the revised Guide are included here: a Gazetteer of the Lunar Empire and a timeline of Recent History.

This game is set in Greg Stafford’s world of Glorantha, but contains no RuneQuest or QuestWorlds game mechanics. Life of Moonson, Book Two: The Rules will contain all of the game rules, timetable, bluesheets, ability/item/challenge cards, seeded envelopes, imperial offices, coup game components, and directors’ notes on how the game was run.

Note: material in this book deals with mature themes.