November’s rewards sent!

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We’ve sent DTRPG codes to your messages so you can download November’s reward bundle.

Once again there’s lots and lots of maps!

Crypt of the Vampire Queen

Sepulchre of the Pharaohs

Catacombs of Thanatos

Lost Tomb of the Elven Prince

Esopagadi Underground Town

Siobury Windmill

Mudstick Hill (megadungeon level)

Sci-Fi Tier – HLS Vincula Prison Ship and The Locus (megadungeon level)

Discount Code:

If you want to pick up Siobury Village, a map on sale at DTRPG which seamlessly joins with Siobury Windmill, you can use this code to get 50% off (valid for 2 weeks)

We’ve also uploaded this month’s Adventure supplements here . There’s a 6 page adventure supplement for Crypt of the Vampire Queen (including a large regional map), and a one-page GM resource sheet for Castle Darkspire.

Thanks again for your support – we hope you enjoy the maps!

Joe & Sarah


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