Orcs: Army Pack 2

Bring even more orcs to your table with the Orcs: Army Pack 2. Orcs are a staple of any low-level game, now you can bolster your forces with this set of unique orcs. Print as many as you need!

Orcs: Army Pack 2 contains six orcs, with green and gray skin options, including a plague orc, shield commander orc, orc assasin, boar priestess, plague priest and bear matron!

Trash Mob Minis are printable paper miniatures. They have front and back printing, include bases, a black and white line art option, and instructions. They are intended for tabletop games played at around the 25-30mm scale. Base construction designed by Kev’s Lounge 

Orcs: Army Pack 1

green orcsgray orcsBW orcs

This product is produced by Trash Mob Minis and is priced at $2.50


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