Our Ladies of Safe Harbor: A Brindlewood Bay Mystery

Trifold pamphlet printing of Our Ladies of Safe Harbor: A Brindlewood Bay Mystery

Storm clouds gather as the bells of Brindlewood Bay’s historic Little Chapel of Safe Harbor ring. For decades, boats would shuttle tourists to the chapel’s home, a tiny island two miles off shore. Wealthier families would book the chapel — and its magnificent gardens — for their weddings and galas.

The chapel has fallen into disrepair in recent years, so the local Historic Preservation Commission has organized a fundraiser to support the chapel’s restoration.

Aboard a cabin cruiser grumbling through choppy waters, the Murder Mavens travel to the chapel to help Brother Benjamin and Sister Jeffreys prepare for the afternoon’s auction and rummage sale.

* * *

Get cozy and enjoy a brand new, rain-soaked mystery for Brindlewood Bay.  Meet new residents of the bay, explore new locations, and experience horrifying new glimpses into the void.

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Print in the standard layout or awesome new trifold pamphlet layout!  

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Note: This Brindlewood Bay mystery was released with permission from Jason Cordova, but the material is not otherwise associated with Jason Cordova or Gauntlet Publishing.

This product is produced by SPC Sean Patrick Cain and is priced at $2.00


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