Pit Zine Issue 1 – Winter 2020

The OSR Pit Zine‘s first issue is a fun, OSR-Compatible, supplement that details an exotic underground hub world. The town of Towatuni was swallowed whole into an enormous pit six years ago, and the villagers found themselves surrounded by weird and dangerous tunnels leading to wildly different locales. Rumors of the town spread throughout the land, and brave adventurers now flock to the depths in search of treasure and gold.

This issue of the Zine contains:

  • A primer on Towatuni
  • Factions, monsters, fungi, and other weird stuff to be found in the PIT
  • Loot Tables
  • Several adventures
  • And some miscellaneous articles relating to the OSR, such as reviews and housrules

We hope you enjoy reading the FIRST ever issue of our zine. A ton of hard work was put into this product by the members of our forum (which you should definitely check out :P), and we’re all really excited to see what y’all think. 

This product is produced by Radiant Ray Games and is priced at $0.00


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