Salt is a 34 page full color RPG module compatible with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror Role Playing Game.

Little prep time is needed to run this fast paced one-shot module. Perfect for first time or experienced Wardens. Your players are forced to enter an unregistered research facility on a remote planet. A brief moment of joy, in an idyllic setting is soon followed by a heart pounding race for their lives.

Easy to follow layout, includes descriptions, warden information and tips for every room.

• Three brand new creatures

• Seven NPCs to interact with

• 13 new weapons

• A non-creature threat that is just as deadly and adds a time element to the game

• A map of the unregistered research facility

• A reference section with creature, weapon and NPC stats

• Handouts to create additional tension between players and promote roleplaying

• Additional hooks for once the adventure is completed

This adventure has many challenges for the players to overcome: A race against the clock, several terrifying creatures, enemy NPCs, puzzles, mysteries, internal conflict… and the biggest challenge is the fear of not surviving.

This product is produced by Fat Jar Studios and is priced at $8.00


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