Sodalitas (EN)

Sodalitas is a one page (and some) tabletop roleplaying game, written and illustrated by Jan Van Houten, edited and laid out by Nicolas Folliot. These rules have been designed and tested for short sessions with many enthusiastic players, and are here presented with ready-to-play adventurers and everything you need to play.

  • Adventurers’ creation in 4 words…
  • … around a guild and its motto;
  • Simple rules to move the adventure forward…
  • … which emphasize mutual aid and collegial decisions;
  • 8 ready-to-play adventurers to dive right away…
  • … and a guild evolution system to keep the adventures going!

All of this in 4 pages + bonus added with new versions (currently 1.1):

  • The rules
  • The guild sheet and evolution rules
  • The adventurers sheets
  • 8 comrades ready for adventure
  • BONUS V1.1: Extras to use on their own or as a competing guild

Sodalitas will be enriched later on, as inspiration strikes the author Jan Van Houten, with extensions that will offer new content and tools, such as an extras rival guild to be placed on the adventurers’ paths (The Collectors in V1.1), a list of ready-made obstacles, a monument to fallen adventurers, a ten-page rule set for vehicle management, a naval combat system… These extensions will be added for free on this page for all those who have bought the game.

These rules are compatible with all kinds of role-playing modules, but if you want the opportunity to discover adventures created in the spirit of Sodalitas, check out these Adventures on a single page.

Filet de séparation

Are you an educator?

Sodalitas, as the Adventures on a single page, have been designed for you, and we want you to be able to get as many children playing as possible, so you can get the game for free if you want! Just send a message to introduce yourself.

A few words from the author Jan Van Houten

This project was born out of a French “Dungeons for Beginners” jam coupled to my need for simple but efficient game for my TTRPG club. Our sessions are 55 minutes long, I regularly have 7/8 very enthusiastic and imaginative players at the table, so I had to adapt and develop reliable methods.

I warmly thank:

  • My partner, who had the good idea of offering me a graphic tablet, and shows exemplary patience when I have to choose between two images only three pixels apart;
  • People of Twitter and the cestpasdujdr Discord. In particular Côme MartinGuillaume Jenteyand Martin Lefebvre for their in-depth review and advices;
  • My students and their over-enthusiastic reception of my goofy ideas.

One last word on fonts

These adventures were laid out using two free fonts:

  • Sans Merci, a Jack Usine font distributed for free by the SMeltery factory
  • Sylexiad Sans, a font developed by Dr. Robert Hillier for adult dyslexic readers

This product is produced by Jdrlab and is priced at $5.86


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