The Realm of the Gateway: The Metro-Alpha/Metro-Beta City Guide

The Metro-Alpha/Metro-Beta City Guide

Metro-Alpha and Metro-Beta are shinning examples of the city-states found scattered across the Science Realm. Center of the Alpha Alliance, Metro-Alpha is the largest, most powerful city-state on the continent of Trinoc. It is a fantastic city, heralded for it’s social and engineering achievements. But even here, in the city of splendor, lies darkness. Dark alleyways hide obvious dangers, but the tall, gleaming towers hide dark secrets and even greater danger.
Here is home.
Here there be monsters in the guise of men.

The Metro-Alpha/Metro-Beta City Guide provides the Game Master and players alike with information on the two cities. From politics and culture to hidden cabals and secret organizations, it can all be found here.

Information on the culture and political nature of the sister cities.
Details on the physical structure of the protective domes over the cities.
Information on the two cities, places of interest, details for each dome in the cities.
13 organizations, some well-known, others hidden in secrecy.
Adventure ideas and guidelines for the Game Master.
8 new character professions, including two magical professions: the cleric and the sorcerer.
New skills and character options.
New races; the mutant Insectrons and Wolfen and introducing Gendroids, genetically modified Androids.
New creatures, from wild beasts to genetically modified gendroid animals.
A slew of pre-made NPCs to populate your world with.
New equipment and technology: new gear, cybernetics, weapons, armor, drones and vehicles.
New and optional rules for game play, including rules for breaking things.
A complete section on security systems including an example facility.
New, more detailed rules for computer systems and computer hacking.
15 major corporations to help or hinder the characters.
A listing of other, major city-states found across the land.
And lastly a compilation of tables for the Game Master.

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