Mercenary – Fractured Land – Tactical Skirmish RPG

In Mercenary – Fractured Land (MFL) you take on the role of a Mercenary Commander charged with sending a Squad of Operatives into the Neutral Zone – a theatre of conflict in the centre of the former United States.

Choose your Operatives and their Specialities then equip them with Weapon Systems, Countermeasures and Defenses. Setting up your Squad gives you the potential for over seven thousand combinations of unique Operatives. Experiment with what works, but ensure only the best make the cut for your final five.

Hit the Neutral Zone hard and play the hand you are dealt, adapting your battle-strategy whilst keeping rival Squads down scope. Once you have achieved all you can, Extract with your PayDay intact and achieve Victory.

In this fractured land the strong survive, but the best get paid.

This product is produced by Frontier Gaming and is priced at $4.99


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