RolemasterBlog Fanzine Issue 42

I am writing this on November 1st, which is All Saints’ Day. The reason we have an all saints day is that in the beginning, each saint had a holy day, where no work was done. As the number of saints days increased, so did the number of holy days. Eventually, something had to give, and the solution was to merge all the minor saints’ holy days into one day. All Saints is really “All the other Saints”.

Tomorrow is All Souls Day, and yesterday was, of course, Hallow’s Eve. Traditionally, people would dress like the saints they venerated and form colorful processions collecting donations from people.

The dates of Hallow’s Eve, All Saints, and All Souls were conveniently placed to coincide with a much older Samhain festival during which the Celts believed that the dead return to earth.

All of this seems like as good an excuse as any to bring our the undead for an adventure or two.

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