Somerrich Cays

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The current Lady Somerrich is holed up on the island estate with a number of bizarre rumours circulating about her – generally along the lines of having been transformed into some sort of undead creature with a stranglehold on the family and family fortunes. Referred to by locals as “the vampire countess” or “the lady lich”, the reality is that while she is indeed quite senior for her station (well over a hundred years old), she is neither undead nor in command of the family anymore.

It is her son, “young” lord Somerrich who has the family locked down on the island after taking over the family fortune via some demonic pact and has seized the family fortunes. Now the merfolk of Bittersweet Lake have started reporting a new presence in the waters around the cays, some dark influence pushing through from another world into the flooded limestone caves beneath the lake – perhaps the other half of young Somerrich’s demonic pact coming to fruition…

The main cay is home to both the Somerrich residence (a seven-story tower and attached three-story home), and an outbuilding by the bridge for staff and a few men-at-arms. On the lakeshore by the Ashwood is an old house that served as the Somerrich boathouse but which is half-burned and seems uninhabited except for a cluster of bats – who serve as the magical eyes of lord Somerrich.


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