CCC-SAF02-02 Frozen Contract

A four hour adventure, set in Stygia – the frozen fifth layer of the Nine Hells! It premiered at Save Against Fear in October 2020.

The adventure features comic and dark elements. It will probably be enjoyed more by people who enjoy social interaction, but it also contains options for combat.

It features:

  • A randomly generated dungon/office, made from rotatable/placeable tiles, filled with work-a-day devils!
  • A .zip with .png versions of all maps sized to 70 pixels per five-foot square, perfect for use on Roll20!
  • Survival, first in the treacherous and cosmopolitan streets of Tantlin, and the crashing ice-sheets beyond!
  • A plot filled with clues, for players to notice, and sidebars to help DMs keep them straight!
  • Jealousy, rage, and vengeance! A villain for DMs to sink their teeth into! A choice of evils, for players!

This is a low to moderately difficult adventure to run. I wouldn’t recommend it for a totally new DM, but someone who’s run a few tier 2 games will probably have no trouble preparing or running this adventure.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $3.00


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