Cthulhu Dreadfuls Presents 0 – The Wystdovja Vale Gazetteer

Tucked away in a forgotten corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire lies the County of Wystdovja. A gaslight era setting for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Far from Victorian London, Wystdovja presents a remote countryside more akin to Gothic tales of horror fiction. Dark castles, creeping marshlands, isolated noble estates, superstitious villages, haunted forests, and lonely railway stations connect far-distant points of civilization.

The Wystdovja Vale Gazetteer provides Investigators and Keepers alike, with all the information they need to jumpstart a campaign in the Wystdovja River Valley, including overviews of the valley’s history, government, cities, townships, geographic features, noble estates, rumors, legends, maps, and more.


  • Decades of fun with a good group of friends
  • A Complete 40 page pdf Gazetteer of the Wystdovja Vale (Can be printed in booklet form, and used as reference at your game table while exploring the Vale)
  • A pdf map of Wystdovja (suitable for printing at large size)
  • pdf maps of the Wystdovja Vale, the City of Skeltzenberg, and the township of Middenport (all suitable for printing, or usable with most online tabletops)

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $3.00


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