Cthulhu Dreadfuls Presents 1 – Kiss of Blood

Kiss of Blood is an adventure scenario for the Call of Cthulhu RPG set in the Wystdovja Vale – a fictitious pseudo-European river valley located along the northwestern reaches of the Adriatic Sea, and set in the Gaslight Era of the 1890s. Something like H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham, or Ramsey Campbell’s Goatswood, the Wystdovja Vale is an attempt to create a sandbox location where Investigators can pit themselves against the horrors of the Mythos, as well as more classic monsters of Gothic horror, all while trekking about in horse-drawn carriages, Inverness cloaks, top hats, and mutton-chops.

At its core Wystdovja’s inspiration comes from a love of old Hammer horror movies, Dracula, Frankenstein, Lovecraft’s Mythos, and ideas I have been collecting for that far off day when I finally get to run an epic 1890s Cthulhu campaign; but rather than placing the campaign in Victorian England, I have opted for the dark mountains, ruined castles, superstitious villages, and mystic Romani camps of Gothic fiction. In any case, I want to welcome you to Wystdovja. I hope you find some value in the setting and can have some truly terrifying adventures here.


  • A Complete 72 page pdf adventure for Kiss of Blood (Can be printed in booklet form from most home printers)
  • A pdf map of Wystdovja (suitable for printing at large size)
  • pdf maps of the township of Karloczig, The foundations of Castle Hammerstein, The Bergmann’s Rowhouse, and the Undercroft (all suitable for printing, or usable with most online tabletops)

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $6.00


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