Endless Light

“On the craggy island of Midland Skerry stands a Lighthouse, ensuring the safe passage of ships and sailors that ply this treacherous coast.
But as the waves crash and a storm brews, something dark stirs beneath the island…”

Brought to you by award winning Chaosium licensee, Type40. Designed to be played in a single evening of terror with 4 – 5 players.

“Endless Light” is the second scenario from their new monthly “Seeds of Terror” range. 

You can find the first scenario “The Mummy of Pemberley Grange” here

What you get:

  • Concise, easy to run scenario 
  • 5 pregen Call of Cthulhu investigators for print and reuse in your games
  • investigator pictures included
  • 3 beautifully rendered maps of Midland Skerry island, Midland Skerry Lighthouse and one more (no spoilers)
  • The Type40 team’s eternal gratitude for indulging our love of horror, Mummys and Call of Cthulhu

Seeds of Terror, some background.

Seeds of Terror are concise, easy to run Call of Cthulhu 
adventures, designed for a single session of exciting play. 
No need for hours of preparation: just have a quick read and dive right in!
Suitable for 4 to 5 players, each includes maps, 
handouts, and five ready to play investigators.

Our goal is to create a set of accessible and exciting scenarios for Call of Cthulhu that people can pick up and play in one evening. Leaning heavily on well known tropes but at the same time subverting normal expectations about them, Seeds of Terror explores easily referenced and familiar situations to help players immerse themselves in the action.

As well as making the scenarios exciting to play we also hope it removes a barrier to entry for new players. Everything needed to play has been distilled down and presented as clearly as possible for a fun game, no need for hours of preparation, just pick it up, have a quick read and dive right in.

Perfect for introducing new players to Call of Cthulhu.

Midland Skerry Lighthouse Midland Skerry Island

This product is produced by Chaosium and is priced at $8.99


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