Fighter Archetypes

Rediscover the Fighter with the Glaive Master, the Rioteer and the Shield Maiden

Glaive Master
Having practised with brooms and sticks since childhood, no one picks on a Glaive Master unpunished. Their incredible upper body strength allows them to wield their long and heavy weapons with precision and ease. When in dire need, the Glaive Masters push themself beyond their physical limit and perform one of many signature moves, using their weapon as an extension of their body.

You find them at the local inn, talking loudly of justice and lowering taxes for the commoners. You sit idly and listen to them, every word carefully chosen to bind you to their cause. Armed with inspiration to the teeth, you all head out to the streets to clash with the oppressors. Even though you are outnumbered, the Rioteer charges you to victory.

Shield Maiden
Even though Shield Maidens practise as a group, with well designed formations and synchronically executed maneuvers, a Maiden on her own is still an asset. Using her Shield as a means to protect and also inflict damage, she thrives on the battlefield, manically taunting her foes.

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